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Based in Southlake, Texas, I design jewelry using precious and semi-precious gemstones set in contemporary, eclectic, or rustic settings in precious metal. Jewelry designing started with my passion for wearing one-of-a-kind pieces, and this personal obsession drives my every creation. I feature gemstones, carved shells, and pearls from around the world.

I started making jewelry about seventeen years ago. I found out that my baby boy was born with an opening in his heart, and I was on extended maternity leave. I found a box of jewelry-making tools at a garage sale. I picked it up because the price was right, and I was intrigued by the shiny tools and the person selling them. I had never made jewelry before and was unsure how to use any of the tools. I started reading books and found tutorials online. I found comfort in the creative process and made simple pieces using silver wire and gemstones from craft stores. However, I realized that I needed formal lessons in jewelry making. We had moved to Texas; I had another baby and jewelry making became a source of respite from being a mother of three young children. I started attending workshops on weekends, and when all my children were in school, I started taking metal smithing classes at the Craft Guild of Dallas. I found a partner in crime in my instructor, Mr. Ed Barker. His patient, gentle and vast knowledge helped me improve my techniques which gave me the confidence to start Lux Solis Jewelry.

Every Lux Solis jewelry is inspired by people, places, books, and sometimes even food. Every piece is unique and has a fascinating story born of an interesting past with a beautiful future. I hope my work speaks to you.


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